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PINK Matter is my YouTube channel where I explore all things mental health and personal development. Did you know that your grey matter is actually pink? It’s pink for as long as you breathe. 

I’m currently doing a second degree in Neuroscience (MSc) at King’s College London. I’ve always been interested in how we function externally and the mechanisms that govern us internally. Working in the area of mental health for the last three years combined with my personal experiences and pragmatic approach to problem solving resulted in my rapidly growing interest in neuroscience and psychology. I’m fascinated with brain plasticity and the role it plays in mental health as well as the changes we can make with the right tools, perseverance and time. The more I explore neuroscience and psychology the more I understand how big of a role our brain and central nervous system play in everything we do, say and feel.

It appears that mental health is in a close relationship with physical health. It is fascinating to learn about the role of our biochemistry and a number of external factors (family, environment, culture) which have programmed us in our early childhood and early adulthood when we had little to no control over most situations we were in. Also how little attention we still pay to this in our contemporary society even though we recognise that our brain controls how we behave, interact with the world and most importantly how we perceive ourselves. I’m particularly interested in the growing research on stress-disease connection such as IBS, multiple sclerosis and other physical conditions. Mental heath is physical health.

This is currently on hold whilst I’m studying Neuroscience. I’ll be back with some hot brain material as soon as I’m done with my Masters.
After all, brains are the most complex mechanisms in the known universe!


I also advocate for LGBT+ matters

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